Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Secret Style: Accent Your Eyes

One of my favorite parts of having this cache of style know-how is that I get to share it with all of you. I love, love, love these little tricks - they are super simple and fly way under the radar so that no one can figure out exactly what you're up to that makes you look so amazing.

Today's secret is to wear your eye color.

You can actually accentuate and intensify the color of your eyes by wearing something close to your face (a necklace, scarf, tie, etc) that closely mimics your eye color.

Not only will you receive more compliments, but you can look more alert and vibrant if you're giving a presentation or going for an interview. Or if you're in the sales arena - especially for you jewelry designers out there, this is a selling strategy that will have immediate impact for your customer - and it might even help you sell more stuff!

Here's how to do it:


Invest in a beautiful necklace with a semi-precious stone or wear beads or a pendant that matches the color of your eyes.

I have pale green eyes – though most people assume they’re blue. When I wear one of my green necklaces – bought specifically to enhance my eye color – the green gets noticed a lot more!

Some of my green necklaces:

Look at all the individual colors in your eyes close-up in a mirror. Ladies with brown-eyes will see auburn, tan, green, rose brown, gold, etc. When I look at my own eyes, I see green, yellow, gold, aqua, blue, and even light brown! It’s like a stained glass window.

Pick one or more of those colors in a bold piece and wear it near your face for an immediate lift!


A lot of blue-eyed guys buy French blue shirts because they love how ithe color makes their eyes “pop”. (They also like the female attention they receive because of this!) I suggest wearing a tie that is the same as your eye color. I recommend seeking out a plain satin tie or a tone-on-tone stripe or pattern. Let the color speak for itself!

Another trick

Wear the complimentary shade of your eye color for a different kind of impact. Remember the color wheel? The complimentary shade resides directly across from your eye color.

Brown - Purple/Lavender

Blue - Orange & Gold

Green - Reds & Pinks

Hazel (amber) - Blue, lavender, purple

Hazel (green) - Plum or wine

No one will know what you're up to and why you look so extra fabulous, and that's why it's our little secret!

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