Wednesday, May 06, 2009

My Life in the Closet

Random thoughts about women and their clothes

I've been at this a long time, friends, and every time I am in a closet, I learn a new insight or some piece of knowledge I already have is reinforced. Here are some of my observations and several truths about women, closets and shopping. You just might see yourself somewhere in here...

A woman's closet is a glimpse into her psyche. Cluttered closet, cluttered mind.

Receiving clothing as gifts is not a gift at all if you don't like them and won't wear them.

I don't know any woman who doesn't rely too much on black.

Buying the best quality you can afford beats out a bunch of cheap items any day.

A good tailor is your wardrobe's best friend. Also know how to sew a hem and do emergency repairs - I'm working on this myself.

The shades of watermelon, mint and teal blue look great on pretty much anyone.

Never underestimate wearing the right underwear - every outfit you own may require a different strategy!

Do you want people to compliment you or your outfit? There's a huge difference!

Fashion and style are contradictory terms.

Understanding what colors and contrast levels work for you is the first step in controlling your closet.

Dress appropriately for your climate. I am asked about turtlenecks all the time. Yes, they are okay if you live in Cleveland, ladies!

Most women want to look younger and hipper, but all say they don't want to look too young, trendy or silly (of course!).

So many women are challenged by shopping for jeans. If you can't find the right pair, set aside a couple of hours to shop only for denim. Odds are, you will find a great pair or two.

Every woman
can wear red and yellow. The shade is all that matters.

Try on designer clothing (including jeans) and items that are out of your budget. Understanding how well-made clothes feel and fit will help you make better purchases in your price range.


Allison M. said...

I try to purge unworn clothes constantly, whether it's jeans or silk camisoles that came back in a few years back and went out.

I'm guilty of holding onto jeans that I can't wear but am desperately trying to get into.

franki durbin said...

Such a great list. I'm a believer in the "one in two out" philosophy. For every item I buy, two need to go. This forces me to tightly edit my wardrobe and continually seek quality over quantity. Keep editing until you're left with just pieces you love and could never part with. That's the goal! "Invest twice as much, buy half as many and they'll last 3x as long." - my grandmother's rule :)