Thursday, April 30, 2009


I wasn't planning to do this, but after several requests and last year's popularity, I’ve decided to offer a Mother's Day Special available to Greater Clevelanders only.

This offer is not only good as a gift for your wife or mother, but are available to anyone who has wanted to work with me but has not yet had the opportunity. They are also great as employee appreciation, incentives or door prizes.

Everyone who purchases at least two hours of shopping or closet services receives a complimentary copy of the My Style workbook (a $35 value).

Because I have been hard at work on my book, I haven’t done anything like this in a year – I have no idea when it’s going to happen again.

This special is valid through Sunday May10, 2009 and all purchased services must be rendered before June 30, 2009.

We can accept cash, checks, all major credit cards & PayPal. You can have a gift certificate in your hands today.

(If you are unfamiliar with who I am or what I do, click here for my bio.)

COLOR ANALYSIS - $129 (Regular $175)


2 HOURS $169 (Regular $300)
3 HOURS $349 (Regular $450)

Gift certificates are also available in any denomination.

Please see below for details and explanations.


Knowing your best colors will make your eyes sparkle. Your skin will look more luminous. You will look healthier and more vibrant - and you can even look pounds thinner and years younger!

The process starts with a short presentation which demonstrates real people wearing the correct colors for their coloring as well as the incorrect ones. Then you will be asked to sit in front of a mirror and will be draped with a series of colors to determine whether your undertones are cool (blue-based) or warm (yellow-based). Next, we will determine the depth of your coloring and determine which of the twelve "seasons" best suits you and we will discuss how that will impact your wardrobe, accessory, and even makeup choices.

A few days later, you will receive a custom color palette which is filled with a variety of color suggestions - from the best basic wardrobe pieces to accent colors that will make your wardrobe more exciting. We also take your preferences into account, so you have colors that you will love wearing.

Knowing your colors is your secret weapon that will save you time and money when you shop and can help you create a more harmonious and cohesive wardrobe.


We have met many different kinds of closets along our journey - large and small, some filled with designer duds and others with discount store buys; closets that are fully-functional...or somewhat less.

The one common thread we've found is that every closet has a story to tell. And just like the diverse closets we encounter, there are a myriad of closet owners, each with a different style philosophy, unique set of personal experiences, shopping tendencies and organizational skills that have shaped their closets. Since no closet (and no owner) has a one-size-fits-all solution, we happily serve many different functions, depending on what our clients need.

From a style therapist who gets to the heart of what ails their closet, to a fashion exorcist who removes years of poor advice and clothing choices that haunt their wardrobe, to a drill sergeant (which one client said she needed!) to finally rid herself of years of overbuying and hoarding clothes she would never wear.

Our favorite role, though, is that of trusted friend and ally - we're your confidence booster and cheerleader. We are there to tell you what you're doing right and give you the knowledge and skills to build a wardrobe that truly serves your occupation, lifestyle, personality and goals - right now and for years to come.

Many women are not aware that they have two wardrobes - the clothing choices they see every day and the possibilities viewed by a fresh and experienced pair of eyes. Why buy more clothes when you have a whole new set of options to explore?


When it comes to shopping, we usually meet women who are one of three types. There are those who hate to shop and find it difficult and even confusing at times. Others love to shop so much that they buy too much and it may affect both their closet space and bank account. Then there are those who enjoy to shop, but feel like they can use the help of a professional shopper to make better purchases and shop with greater efficiency of both time and money.

We understand that with so many stores to choose from and thousands of items in each, it can get pretty overwhelming when you are trying to figure out what clothing and accessories will work best for you - from your personal style, personality, goals and lifestyle - to your budget.

We are your trusted friend and guide when it comes to hitting the stores. Let us help you weed through everything that's out there and select only the colors, patterns, designers and price points that work for you.

Along with your new clothing and accessories, we want you to leave your shopping excursion with the skills to shop more confidently for yourself. We can teach you the "secrets of the pros" to help you look younger, slimmer, and more exciting each and every day. These tips and tricks are timeless and will bring you a higher success rate every time you shop!

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