Sunday, January 11, 2009

The changing of the blog

Hey Folks

As you may have noticed, I'm having a blog identity crisis - and a brand crisis in general. I'm in this bizarre abyss between owning a business and being a self-promoting author-type-person. I've never been here before, so I am relying on the experiences and advice of others to figure everything out. I was planning to rebrand my business, but was advised to table that for now and just put it all under the umbrella of my name.

The new blog is called "Unbuttoned" - and no, the BBC did not threaten me with a lawsuit for using "Keeping Up Appearances." Ha! (The URL will also be changing soon for all of you who link to it in your blogs.)

So if my blog (or I, for that matter) seems a little flaky recently and in the near future, that's why. We're exploring what's going to work best for my target audience and platform.


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