Sunday, December 07, 2008

Just what is up with my hair?

I have a waged a constant battle with my hair since as far back as I can remember. I do not have an ideal head of hair to say the least. It could be far worse, I know, but I still fight with it daily. Please allow me to lament.

* My hair is stick-straight naturally. Other people complain about their hair being too curly or getting frizzy. But I have never experienced anything of the sort.

* My natural hair color is an ugly mousy blonde shade. The kind of hair that is pretty and golden blonde when you are a child and then gets dingy and dirty-looking as you move into your teen years.

* It's thin - but I have a ton of it. It is especially hard to dry. One of my stylists likened it to blow drying a rug.

* It doesn't look great short - the shortest I've had has been a chin-length modified shag. I think it looks better long, which it is right now. However, it is not the best hair to allow to grow long because there are inherent problems - the ends are weak and dry and split easily. The top is very oily. I need to shampoo daily.

* My collection of hair care products rivals my collection of makeup. Nothing works great, so I just keep buying more, looking for the magic potion or pomade.

* I had to learn how to do it right. The only things I have ever known to do with a curling iron have been to curl hair under or to flip it up. So I learned how to do unconstructed waves and spiral curls, which seem to work for me. Thank goodness for tutorials on YouTube! I can actually look like I just left the salon in about 10 minutes now. In fact it's my preferred 'do since it has been longer.

But here's what I don't get:

In order to make my hair look nice straight, I need to use a flat iron. I think that is crazy since my hair has absolutely no natural wave whatsoever. I recently figured this out on my own. To do my hair straight, I have to wash it, blow dry it, set it in large velcro rollers for volume, and straighten it.

I guess I should be happy that at least I can make it look okay. But why does it have to be such pain??


Alexa said...

i've been doing that exact same thing (velcro rollers, straightener) for years. it's the only thing that works for me.

it sounds like we have similar hair struggles. i'm trying to grow my hair back long - it taking for-ev-er.

Always a Bridesmaid said...

Wow, we are tripleties! I also flat iron and use velcro rollers... but I iron first.

And don't all girls hate their own hair? Yes. Yes, we do.

EJH said...

I am SO with you!!! I've found that the Sheer Blonde products really do perk up my color, and I do the same thing with the straightener. ALTHOUGH---I can't even curl it, UNLESS I fry it with a straightener first. WTF.