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Fall Fashion Trends 2008

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Fall is my favorite season for fashion. Why? Because spring and summer fashion always seems to go together, so it’s basically six months of the same thing. But fall always throws us a curve. The colors change, the fabrics get heavier, and the interesting textures come out to play!

Whether you are shopping in the stores or in your own closet, here is some stylish inspiration!

1) Fall is usually known for its colors – pumpkin, dark yellow, rusts and warm dark greens. This year, we’re being thrown a big curve. Purple is everywhere, in case you haven’t noticed. The great thing about purple is that there are so many shades that there is a purple that looks good on everyone – from lavender to deep plum. To look really chic this season, pair it with fall’s hottest neutral, gray.

And if you aren’t partial to purple, try one of its relatives, wine, berry or fuchsia, which are also around for the season. Top from Nordstrom

2) While spring and summer are known for florals in feminine skirts and dresses, they are also spilling over into fall. This time, though, the palettes are deeper and richer with less contrast, like in this skirt from Macy’s.

3) A lot of women have been complaining about skinny jeans for the past couple of years. If you go to New York, you see them everywhere, but they never really caught on around here because they just don’t work well for most “real” women. Luckily, the fashion gods have given us wide-leg jeans for fall. These tend to be more flattering on most bodies, and they’re more comfortable too. They can be dressed up, like a trouser, or dressed down and worn in a very relaxed manner. As always, the darker the denim, the more formal it is.

Wide-leg trousers from 7 for All Mankind

4) Out of nowhere came 1970’s prints for the season. Yes, the crazy patterns my mom was wearing in my baby pictures are back in vogue and I can hardly believe it! Of course, they’re being worn in more contemporary silhouettes, like contemporary wrap or empire-waist dresses. If you’re partial to a Bohemian sort of vibe, you will love these patterns!

Check out this dress from Candie’s for Kohl’s.

5) Another fashion item that has entered the 1970’s time warp is the cuff bracelet. These look great on women with long arms. Don’t have long arms? Simply choose a bracelet size that is proportional to your arm length and wrist size. Part of my job is to help you flaunt the parts of your body that you love, but also navigate around the areas that are more of a challenge to make them look more fabulous. Bracelet from Forever 21

6) The wild black and white herringbone pattern that was really popular last year has morphed into a more subtle black and white with less contrast and smaller patterns. This more conservative look is so elegant in jackets and coats if you’re professional woman and tired of the old back or gray options. It’s a great investment piece. I also love this for suits!

Coat from Nordstrom

7) A lot of women live in their boots from the onset of cold weather to spring. There is a dizzying array of cute ankle boots out there right now. But I think the look of the moment is the tall, flat boot. We’re going to be seeing this everywhere. It’s not going to overtake the high heel boot anytime soon, but it’s a more casual and comfortable option.

Boot from BCBGirls

Honorable mention:

Ruffled blouses

Colorful, oversize bags

Patterned tights

Runway Trends:

One shoulder asymmetrical dresses

Mix & match plaid

Heavily structured garments


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