Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Image is Everything, but Authenticity is Better

Admittedly, I caught very little of the Olympics opening ceremonies Friday in order to attend birthday ceremonies in honor of myself. But I did catch this adorable and talented little girl singing a patriotic Chinese song.

Except, today we learned about the bait and switch. Little Lin Miaoke
lip-synched to Yang Peiyi's voice. Yang was deemed to not be cute enough to represent her country on the national stage and replacing her was a decision made "in the nation's best interest."

I'm already not a fan of China, as I've mentioned before, but this upset me.

I work every day with appearance and brands. And yes, it is important to portray the right image at all times.

But I think China took it too far. It's hard to hide material facts these days. Everything leaks out. Everything becomes a news story, especially in the mircrocosm that is the Olympics.

As a nation, I believe the USA has moved away from this kind of misrepresentation, thankfully. Don't get me wrong - we are still as plastic and phony as ever, but I think we also appreciate authenticity. Not everything has to be perfect just for the sake of putting out the right image. There is an appreciation for transparency.

I don't think Americans would have thought twice about putting the sweet and talented
Yang Peiyi on stage for the world to see.

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Narm said...

I love that American's aren't worried about appearances - if they were there wouldn't be a McDonald's on every corner.