Friday, August 15, 2008

I tried on a Croc today

I have never liked those things since I first saw them.

I have to go to a dog event tomorrow and I wanted to buy some no-frills shoes. (As you may have guessed, all my shoes have frills.)

A few cuter pairs of Crocs have come out recently. I decided to see what they were all about.

So I tried one on.

Like a knee-jerk reaction, my foot rejected the hideous piece of aqua rubber, kicking it five
feet away, without my brain even being consulted.

For the nanosecond that it was on my foot, it seemed comfortable enough. They would certainly be smart if there is any mud at the polo fields, where the event is.

Alas, even though I beat up my feet with some of the super uncomfy shoes I wear, my feet cannot bear to look like crap.

Feet 1 - Crocs 0

So I guess I'll be wearing the comfy old standard tomorrow - my sparkly lime flip-flops.

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Narm said...

Stay strong. I have no fashion sense whatsoever (I regularly wear cowboy boots) and I even I know those things are hideous.