Saturday, August 16, 2008

A few pics from Canine Fun Days

I went to one of my favorite annual summer events today - Canine Fun Days, which is held at the Polo Fields in Moreland Hills. The event is run by Greyhound Adoption of Ohio, where my parents adopted their awesome greyhound Tina from two years ago. (They did not choose the name, btw. Today, there was a greyhound there for adoption named Green, so I have no idea who names them.) We saw some cool stuff, including high jumping dogs (world record holder Soaring Cindy was there, but injured, so she couldn't jump), dock diving dogs, swimming dogs, dogs chasing lures (hilarious when one of the dogs in question was a bulldog), and Jack Russell races. Here are a couple of pictures of the police dog demonstration (I heart police dogs!).

Cadaver dog Eliot Ness being rewarded with his toy after successfully hitting on the scent of a cadaver in the bag. He works all over the state, including for the FBI!

Explosive detection K-9 Marco can identify all eight of the explosive odors found in bombs.

My mom decided Tina wanted to swim. (My mom and her dog have matching hair colors.)
Yeah, she swam...and then panicked.

I have no idea who those two dudes are, but the one had to pull the scared pooch out of the pool.

I don't have any pictures of Bailey from today, mostly because she was just chillin' - not an active participant in any of the dog sports. She was sort of a mini-celebrity there because schipperkes are rarely seen in this area.

As always, Canine Fun Days was, as promised, fun. Worth the trip every year.

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