Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Kennedy Center to Honor George Carlin


George Carlin to receive Mark Twain Humor Prize

I've seen George perform a few times and I just love him.

My favorite Carlin piece - a classic!
Baseball & Football

Other standup comedians I love (in no particular order):

Chris Rock
Steven Wright
Steve Martin
Rita Rudner (because she talks about clothes!)
Dane Cook - controversial choice - but I think he's funny
Ellen DeGeneres - before she was a poster child for the lesbian community, she was funny as HELL
Richard Jeni - RIP

And a few I can do without ever seeing again - Drew Carey, Carrot Top, Sinbad

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Mel said...

I love when Carlin did "Guys Named Todd" piece. Pure-awesomeness.

I dated a Todd and it made it even more hilarious.