Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Carlin's Last Interview

Gosh, I am still in a funk...and reading this made it worse, as did Bravo playing his Actor's Studio show yesterday. He's going to be missed for a long, long time.

Psychology Today Blog: George Carlin's Last Interview

"The jester makes jokes, he’s funny, he makes fun, he ridicules. But if his ridicules are based on sound ideas and thinking, then he can proceed to the second panel, which is the thinker—he called it the philosopher. The jester becomes the philosopher, and if he does these things with dazzling language that we marvel at, then he becomes a poet too. Then the jester can be a thinking jester who thinks poetically."

Looking at myself, I am wondering why I understood so well where he was coming from at age 15 or 16. What the heck does that say about me??

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