Sunday, May 04, 2008

This is why I hate horse racing.....

....and any sport involving animals.

I've written here before of my love for animals. While I am not a horse enthusiast by any means, deaths caused by horse racing bother me terribly.

Yesterday was the Kentucky Derby and the winner wasn't what made headlines. It was the runner up:

Filly Eight Belles euthanized on track

Visions of Barbaro came flooding back, along with another horse being euthanized on the track last the Preakness? I can't remember.

Is it really necessary to put these horses through this? They train and train and then one wrong step or loss of footing and they're done. Not only are they finished with racing, but they're also finished living. They can't be saved and have to be put down immediately. Barbaro was a rare case where they tried for months (ultimately in vain) to save him.

This really bothers me. And to think how much horse racing goes on around the country...and around the world - and how much money is tied into it.

My parents' dog is a former racing greyhound. The life of a racehorse is probably heaven compared to what life is like at a dog track. And for years, when greyhounds finished their use as racers, they were euthanized. When I look at Tina, my parents' dog, I just can't believe how anyone could do that.

I just...I can't stand animals being used in sports. And don't even get me started on the "sport" of hunting....

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