Saturday, May 03, 2008

Mosquitoes Prefer Blondes!

So THIS is why I get eaten alive every summer!!!!!!

Why do certain people attract mosquitoes? The mosquito is usually attracted to a person by scent and temperature, but sometimes also by looks. Just like gentlemen, mosquitoes prefer blondes. It's possible that blondes are simply more noticeable to mosquitoes than brunettes.

Adding fuel to the fire, I seem to be allergic to mosquito bites because they turn into huge swollen pink welts on me and I'm in agony until the swelling goes down.

My grandma (also a blonde) also seems to get bitten more than most people. This explains a whole lot. We'll need to watch out for my little blonde niece Marissa this year too.

Before summer, I need to do some research on avoiding bites (Off! works to an extent for me) and treating bites...or I'll just buy a brunette wig and stop smelling so darn yummy!

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