Saturday, May 10, 2008

KK: Fashion Savant

I was at Macy's this morning with a client I love working with. We were in a big dressing room with what turned out to be 52 pieces of clothing on a big rolling rack. She mentioned her 6-year old fashionista daughter would love to do what I do - in a few years, of course.

I told her that ever since I was a little kid, I have always been a fashion savant.

For some reason, I have a photographic memory of everything I have worn over my entire life to every major and minor event. And I can usually recall what everyone else wore as well. This goes back as far as first grade.

I am assuming that isn't normal!

My client mentioned that it must have been in the cards for me to have this career. Man, how true is that?!

Not only do I love what I do - I truly enjoy making people look and feel amazing - but I have these crazy, almost preternatural abilities where clothing is concerned. I have a Rainman-like memory for clothes, and my ability to put outfits together in my head and visualize what a person will look like in them is a little freaky. I can select a big rack full of clothes and normally, my client will love 95% of what's on there.

Part of being a style consultant is having color, body line, fashion personality and brand knowledge. What seems to differentiate me from everyone else who does what I do is a sixth sense about clothes and the people who wear them.

I cannot really explain it, but the more I work one-on-one with people, the more thankful I am that I have this unique gift. Not only because it differentiates me from the competition, but because it truly benefits my clients and ultimately, it saves them a lot of money!

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