Sunday, April 13, 2008

What have I been up to?

I've been getting emails lately - especially since I ventured out to a networking event the other night - wondering where I've been and what I've been up to. First of all, no, writing my book did not make me criminally insane. But it almost did. I'm not writing at the moment because I am too busy. It will get completed - eventually. But writing is incredibly difficult when one has a very busy consulting practice. What I really need to do is clone myself a couple of times. (But not like in Multiplicity. The cloned Michael Keatons kept getting dumber and weirder.)

While I try to pass some business off to other image consultants, for the most part, people want to work only with me. So it's great to be busy, but it is tough because I always have a very full dance card.

I'm watching politics very closely right now. I am one who only watches the political world when interesting stuff is going on. And I don't remember anything quite so interesting in my lifetime. But I don't pretend to know much, and if someone tries to debate me about my views, I will immediately clam up. I don't argue about politics. Ever. Same goes for the war. I was at an event recently where that debate broke out - loudly. What good is debating? We have no power, nor do we have all the information. No one can make informed decisions based solely on what the media tells us and what our associates think.

My segment on That's Life will air this Wednesday. I'm supposed to be in the News-Herald soon. I was speaking at Lake Erie College last week about college to career transition and a reporter was in attendance.

Working out like crazy now. In fact, I am currently missing a weight class as I type this. Plus I spin almost every day of the week. Summer is on its way! In the springtime, I start to panic!!

I have to head to Tampa next month. Vegas soon.

I'm very excited to be a part of a group of business experts called The Power Pack. My segment is business image and impression management. It's a little off from my core message of personal style, confidence and self-expression, but it's still a part of what I do. I've been moving beyond business image for the past couple of years and more into a "just be stylish" philosophy. Like my mantra says: Always appropriate. Never boring.

So, not to worry. I'm still here and crazy busy and having lots of fun!

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