Saturday, April 19, 2008

Tina Fey: Cover Girl

I'm not a big periodical reader, but I bought two magazines this week solely because Tina Fey was on the cover. She's on the covers of Entertainment Weekly and Marie Claire this month, promoting her movie Baby Mama (which Steve Martin is also in, so I will probably see it).

I'm finding that Tina is somewhat of a hero of mine. I saw her at Second City in 1996, and she looked nothing like she does now. I loved her on the news on SNL (even though the rest of the show was always questionable), and if you read my blog regularly, I believe that her show 30 Rock is God's absurdist gift to the world.

The moral of the story here is that magazines have certain celebrity covers who "sell" to certain segments of the population. And in recent memory, no celeb cover has "sold" me until Tina Fey was on two covers this month.


I wonder what my demographic would be then. Intellectual white women in their 30's who like free associative and absurd humor??

Whatever Tina Fey is selling, I am buying. Like a moth to a flame, baby.

From the Marie Claire blog:
Like us, she's funny on purpose and only fabulous by accident.

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