Thursday, March 20, 2008

Cleveland Homicide Unit on A&E Tonight

Everyone who knows me knows I am a true crime show junkie. I love my forensics shows. I became really interested in the new show that premiered on A&E a couple of weeks ago called Crime 360. In fact, I am such a nerd for forensics that I couldn't wait for it to premiere. I had to visit the site to learn more about it!

I noticed that two police departments are featured - Richmond, VA and Cleveland!

My Uncle Jim retired about a year and a half ago from Cleveland Homicide, so I quickly sent him an email, asking if he knew about the show and if he knew the detectives that are profiled on the site. How cool that they are all his former colleagues!

The first two episodes featured Richmond, VA and tonight is the first episode in Cleveland!

It's an exceptional show, so if you're a forensics junkie like me, casual CSI fan or if you just want to see the underbelly of our city, check it out tonight at 10pm on A&E!

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