Sunday, December 09, 2007

Kristen is Bored...

And when I am bored, I am more dangerous than usual.

This weekend, despite being super-busy with business concepts that are already in motion and a ton of emails to return, I have decided to begin work on something new.

A couple of years ago, about 6 people and myself started work on the Cleveland Women's Leadership Link. That was about the time I was asked to develop a TV show (which never came to fruition, fortunately!). I had to leave the planning committee, there was a launch at the House of Blues Foundation Room, and then it sort of fell apart.

There has always been a need for something like this, and those who got on the mailing list right at the beginning were ecstatic because there was nothing like it.

Well, I think we were giving ourselves too much work to do, quite honesty. And now, I have asked Coach Joelle and Leslie Carruthers, both powerful women and great connectors, to join me in this new endeavor.

It will be informal, just like I prefer, and since all the events I throw seem to have greater attendance on weekdays, we'll just catch a happy hour and socialize and network and see where the synergies happen to be.

I'll check with the girls and see when we want to shoot for having the first event. I'm guessing mid-January
, and then falling into a pattern for the following months.

I'll keep my blog updated, of course.

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