Thursday, December 13, 2007

I hate Paul at Christmastime

Spinner put out its 12 Worst Christmas Songs of all time - and one particularly gets under my skin.

Paul McCartney's Wonderful Christmastime (#11 -- should be much higher!).

Look, kids -- Daddy got a new synthesizer for Christmas! McCartney has reportedly renounced this creampuff in recent years, but the damage was already done....

It made this Christmas season particularly unpleasant when it was the first Christmas song I heard - way back at the beginning of NOVEMBER (far too early).

[I am far more partial to George. Did he make a Christmas song?? "A Bangladeshi Christmas" or something?]

Other songs that made the list that I agree with - Smashing Pumpkins "Christmastime" (quite creepy, as they point out) and pretty much any Christmas song by Destiny's Child (when their Christmas wailing comes on in a store, I drop my stuff and leave).

Some of the songs I've never heard, and if I did, they didn't register with me (probably a good thing), and the Number 1 song, I totally disagree with:

Band-Aid's Do They Know It's Christmas?

Maybe it really is a bad song - to me it's catchy - but more important than whether it's good or not - it's the memories it brings back (ooh, Duran Duran!).

The first time I hear it each season, I smile. And regardless of what anyone else thinks, that makes it a good song. (One year, I was in the dentist's chair getting numb for a root canal, but trying to crack a smile through the Novocaine. Such is my affection for that song!)

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