Monday, December 31, 2007

A band I completely forgot about

I bought INXS' Greatest Hits the other night. I certainly wasn't looking for it, but I happened to see it and grabbed it.

Well, I either completely forgot how good they were or I didn't quite appreciate them when they were around. Probably a little of both.

Listening to this CD, I realized that for several years of my life - mostly the early nineties - their music strongly tied into a lot of my memories. What a fun surprise as I'm listening to this.

They were pretty prolific hitmakers. What ever happened with their reformed band from that show?

I know I didn't appreciate this years ago....but their music was pretty damn sexy! It was as if INXS only had one thing on their minds. Well, it was sexy and fun. Great combination.

(IMO, the quintessential INXS songs are is New Sensation an
d I Need You Tonight. My fave is Never Tear Us Apart. Just a beautiful song...reminds me of high school dances! In case you're wondering, that makes me officially old!)

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