Thursday, November 08, 2007

What to a Funeral


Got the news today that my aunt's very ill mother passed away. And guess what? The wake is tonight and the funeral is tomorrow. My parents' signals got crossed (even though they live in the same house) and both forgot to tell me since Monday. Thanks, guys.

The last time I was at a wake least a couple of years ago. Probably longer. I never know what to wear to these events. I tend to get too dressed up, while everyone else is dressed down (when did death become so casual??).

So what is the first thing I did today? I panicked, running around, lamenting to my dog that I have nothing to wear. Frankly, Bailey is sick of hearing it.

I have about ten outfits I could reasonably wear. It's just that nothing is ever perfect, you know?

I usually just attend the wake, but this time I plan to go to the funeral, so it's imperative that whatever I wear will have to look okay with a medium-weight coat (probably my new lipstick-red trench).

And perhaps most importantly, I must wear orange - yes, even to a funeral.

So....I have a lot of deciding to do.

I always preach taking the path of least resistance, but when I'm in a hurry to find something for a type of occasion I don't usually attend, I tend to overthink matters.

All I know is I went out and bought a bunch of black and brown tights - plain, fishnet, patterned. We'll see what I come up with....

I managed to work orange into BOTH of my outfits - even the one I'm wearing with the red trench! Am I super creative? Or do I just have too many clothes??? Perhaps a little of both....

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