Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Super Glam Life - Tabouleh, Acne &Target

After a busy week, I had dinner last night at super yummy Aladdin's in Cleve Heights with Coach Joelle. I'm jealous of Joelle - she lives right around the corner from it, but the closest one to me is Mayfield Village - still a haul.

I swear I could easily live the rest of my life on their tabouleh and fattoush salad and pitas. I wouldn't even need their yummy falafel or hummus or stuffed grape leaves (try the veg combo without baba ghanouj - bleecch- eggplant!).

Can I say "yummy" one more time? OK - yummy.

I desperately need to learn how to make Syrian/Lebanese/Turkish food. Being a vegetarian, and having a Syrian last name (although I am not Middle Eastern at all), it's just perfect for me. Substantial and flavorful and healthy. All the characteristics of Indian food, but I like it better. I'm just not a big curry fan.

Getting to the point of this post, my life is glam because I spent Saturday evening (it's been dark since 5:30, so it's evening to me) at Target.

Lame, I know.

I wanted to buy the makeup remover towelettes I heard about somewhere. It may have been on the Slave to Target blog. They're from Boots No. 7. Stupid name for a cosmetics company, but they're British, so maybe that's why. (BTW, my new Jobpostings editor is British and I was chatting with him on the phone one day and I just love his accent. It was like being in a Monty Python sketch:O) I also saw Hot Fuzz this week, and the British are definitely not like you and me. But they sure are funny.)

I tried the makeup remover and my face feels really clean. Now we will see how my ultra-mega-super duper sensitive skin fares. I have to use a strong prescription cleanser and a couple of topical prescriptions every day and it's still not in good shape.


Of course, I bought a bunch of stuff I didn't need and discovered they carry Frederic Fekkai products. That's good to know. I have several friends who are fans. Naturally, I am stuck with prescription shampoo right now. After I turned 30, I have the worst skin. Just the worst.

Try the Luxe Sangria body lotion. Mmmmmm :)

Naturally, I want real sangria now. Maybe I'll go out and grab a bottle.

Or maybe not. I don't want a dreaded red wine headache :(

I have work to do tomorrow. And a Browns game to watch.


Being weak-willed, I had to go out and pick up sangria. Bought Arbor Mist Zinfandel sangria. Hmmm....the jury is definitely out on this, but at least it will kill my craving.

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