Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Middle Eastern Thanksgiving

I am on a super Middle Eastern food kick. So what am I going to be eating for Thanksgiving? Guess! My homemade tabbouleh (just learned how on Sunday!), pitas, lentil and fattoush salads, and hummus! Maybe a couple of stuffed grape leaves too. Oh yes, and a bottle of (good) sangria! (Not that sangria is mid-eastern - I just always drink it on holidays.)

I'm bringing extra food because I know people will be sampling the weird stuff I'm eating. Some of my family have braved a taste of my Tofurkey, but I know this is stuff they've never tried.

I'm the vegetarian "freak" of my family, everyone is always trying to offer me turkey because they think it's funny. I'm not some kind of an animal rights activist or anything. I am sensitive to animals and always have been (much more than people, I tell you!) and I decided I didn't want to eat meat at age 8. Now, I think it's a little trendier for little kids to steer clear of it for health reasons.

But I don't get political about it or anything. It's just my personal choice.

No turkey for me. No Tofurkey either this year.

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