Saturday, November 03, 2007

KK's Crazy Life

It has been a really wild week for yours truly - culminating with an AICI board meeting in Columbus on Sunday. We've never had a board-only meeting before, and it has been needed for a long time. Since I'm the prez, I can do these kinds of things (I'm mad with power, I tell ya!). I got to see three of my fellow board members and great friends - the lovely LisaMarie Luccioni, Erica Torres-Dudziak and Jill Haney. If you want to see three super sharp, intelligent and beautiful women, here they are. Love those girls.

Here's a pic of us at Bon Vie Bistro at Easton Town Center:

(Wow, I look like a wild woman compared to them! Maybe I am - hehe :)

Lisa and I had a chance to practice our rudimentary fran
çais - and we did okay. Comme ci, comme ça. Between us, we probably have 12 years of French classes, and all we could do was tell each other we looked good. Well, c'est la vie for image experts! We're so self-congratulatory!!

I did a little shopping at Polaris Mall after the meeting. Nothing too great - I bought an interesting necklace at Forever 21.

Here it is -
Orange and unusual. I had to have it!

I'm such a goofball - I realized how predictable I truly am. I was holding up a leopard print sweater in a mirror to see how it would look on me and I couldn't really tell and I couldn't figure out why. And then - duh! - I realized the leopard print on the sweater was clashing with the leopard print on my jacket.
How silly :P

Well, I've decided that this girl deserves some rest after the wild week. Catch ya later!

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