Friday, June 08, 2007

Lilly Pulitzer for Men .....

...or clothes that that make me want to do permanent harm to myself.

I found this on one of the style blogs I usually read.

I asked Dan his thoughts about it, and of course I knew what his response would be. He is Mr. Anti-Fashion. Basically a caveman in a black "Geek" shirt and navy blazer.

Then I asked the most flamboyant straight guy I know the same question. Here is his response:

Some of the shorts and polos, I probably would not wear….but I dig the rest of the collection especially the blazers and bow ties.

I knew it....

Personally, I do not understand the appeal of Lilly Pulitzer for women, but this men's collection makes me want to stab my eyes out, throw them in Lake Erie and let them get eaten by a walleye.

How's that for an extreme visual?

Sophocles would be proud!

And you can be darn sure, if he were alive today, gay or not, Sophocles would not be sporting a lime-and-pink blazer!


Anonymous said...

That thing is hideous. No self-respecting guy would wear that.

Anonymous said...

Cleveland, Ohio huh? Makes sense. Have you seen the Men's line in person? Some of the best made stuff on the market. Rivals the look and sophistication of Ralph Lauren. Lilly Pulitzer boasts that the Men's line is "serious menswear that doesn't take itself too seriously." I'll give you that some of the pieces are a little more challenging for the average guy to pull off, but a gentleman who is confident and knows what he is doing can wear this look with ease, in the right setting of course. Check out some of the press photos, these show the garments on actual men, not skinny little plaster mannequins. May not change your mind, but will give you a true look at men with "Palm Beach/Hamptons" Style.
-Signed Straight guy with a respect for truly good apparel.

Kristen Kaleal said...

That's obviously a Lilly Pulitzer PR person assigned to deal with the fallout from the men's line.

Who cares if I'm based in Cleveland? I work all around the country. And SHOW ME a man that those colors and patterns actually work on.

I wouldn't wear the women's line (even though those colors and patterns DO work on me)and I'm not recommending the men's line to ANY of my clients.

It's not that I don't comprehend the LP line, it's that I just HATE it. And, oh yes, I have influence over a lot of people's clothing budgets.

So, nice try anyway.

Manny said...

BUTT UGLY is all I can say

Quality is second to how something looks. If it looks good AND is good quality, then it's a winner.

I'm a guy who loves clothes but this is a big ass NO!

Anonymous said...

I like it.

Anonymous said...

That jacket is awesome. I looked through the rest of the line, too. Looks cool, of course there are some pieces that are suspect. But overall, nice beginning to a fun line. I'm a fan.

Anonymous said...

A man who is confident in both his taste and masculinity should have no trouble wearing Lilly Pulitzer clothing. I saw slacks that I would definitely wear with a white shirt and blazer. The swim trunks were terrific. I guess if earth tones are your colors of choice, you'd best steer clear of Lilly Pulitzer. If you are a person who loves color in your wardrobe, Lilly's stuff is very desirable.

Anonymous said...

L.P. is truly heinous. I don't care how much it costs, or how many people at the "club" wear it, you have NO taste if you wear those clothes (unless you want to look like an old lady/Vera Bradley bag).

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