Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Random Thoughts on May Day

I just opened the envelope Coach Joelle gave me yesterday, which was supposed to contain a parking permit for Friday's can't-wait-for-it meeting downtown. I was pleasantly surprised at the card and little KK-specific inspirational messages inside. Thanks, Joelle! You made my day! I especially loved:

Lead me not into temptation;
I can find the way myself.

(oh yes, there was also a parking permit in there)

I changed the desktop on my laptop on Saturday from spaz hot pink to Kermit the Frog and a green background. It's amazing how it has changed my mood and intention - already. Whenever my eyes are strained or my book project gets overwhelming, I flip to my desktop, which is all green and in the center is my friend Kermie:This is a subject for a different blog, but it's my opinion that Kermit is the perfect symbol for all that is good and right and optimistic in the world. When I see him (and I suspect this is the same for a lot of people out there, whether they realize it or not), I feel very centered. He's a very pure character.

Maybe I'm crazy. But I've always had an affection for Kermit.

am - still - just a huge fan of the Muppets. In addition to my green friend, I especially love the grumpy characters (as I always do) Statler and Waldorf - and Oscar, although technically not a Muppet -

he's still a Henson character.

I was eagerly paying attention to the NFL draft on Saturday and to a lesser extent on Sunday. I don't pay as much attention to other sports as I do to football. I was hopefully looking at some future clients! The Browns were the talk of the sports world. They had an unfathomably good draft. How exciting to think about the seasons down the road. That's all we keep hearing about around here (well, that and the darn Fulton Road Bridge still standing - blow up already!) and it's really exciting.

I remember in about 1985 seeing a bumper sticker that cracked me up. It said

and take the Indians with you

We have a tragic sports history here in Cleveland. Heartbreaking. But now with the Cavaliers being awesome (sweeping the first round of the playoffs) and the Browns' draft day coup, things are definitely looking up!

I miss LisaMarie. Although, I suspect that if we lived in the same town, neither of us would get anything accomplished because we'd always be hanging out together!! It's better for us to keep a safe distance! Cincy to Cleveland - too far but just far enough!!

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Coach Joelle said...


I love how you play in life! What a wonderful posting. I am glad you enjoyed your parking pass ;-p.

Love you!