Saturday, May 05, 2007

Paris Goes to Jail

If anyone doubts the power of color psychology, here's a great example:
Paris was in court yesterday to find out that she's going to serve 45 days in jail.
One thing you can say about the girl is that she's not afraid of exuberant use of color.

However, when she needed to dress in a somber way, she did get it right.This might be the only positive lesson she has to teach us. Wear more color! Stop it with the black and bland neutrals already, ladies! So many of us dress every day like we are facing time in the slammer!!

(btw, I said "SOMBER" above, not "SOBER")

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Lizzz said...

I saw your column about color at Cleveland
It was pretty funny! You are right - Paris did look serious at her sentencing. It was correct for her to look that way. And yes, I am also guilty of wearing a lot of black. I'm resolving right now to add more color to my wardrobe.