Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Lunch with the Girls

I had a fabulous and eventful day today:

I had a discussion with my editor for Jobpostings Magazine and a big name retail giant may be sponsoring my "Appearance Matters" column! I am very excited to hear that!!

I am planning to join WISE (Women in Sports and Events) since I am working on the pro sports marketing & branding project with Tenth Floor. I am also looking forward to presenting a style program for WISE this coming year.

Wendy, Kelly and I had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory at Legacy Village. We haven't all had a chance to hang out together since.....last June?? It's kind of hard with Kelly in New York for most of the year and Wendy and I are both really busy with our own stuff. I am very excited for Kel to be back for the summer and then graduate next May, we hope! But I am really glad that we had some time to hang out and reconnect.

Wendy the Makeup Junkie, Kelly the trend expert, and I collaborate on my newsletter, styleLink. I was amused that they were so relieved, excited even, that the editorial deadline was pushed back a week for this month as I work to get my new email set up. It shouldn't be quite this difficult. Suffice to say that my DSL and Outlook Express are not getting along right now, and I have to make them get along, like two bratty kids on the playground and I am the playground monitor >:|

We got to do a little shopping. Kel tried on a bunch of clothes, Wendy found a kitsch-y pouch (no comment!), and KK just hung out.

She doesn't get to buy anything awesome and new until her book tour :(

You know that's not going to last!!

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