Saturday, April 07, 2007

Free Night - YAY!

I did end up going out last night. He’s going to love me for calling him this, I’m sure, but Mr. Coach Joelle, Jeff Friedman, spoke last night at the Museum of Natural History on Al Gore’s Climate Project. While I didn’t make it to the event, I met them for dinner and a drink afterward at Nightttown.

Check out Jeff & Joelle's eHarmony Long Distance page.

I met a new friend, Sheri Jeavons, owner of Power Presentations and a good friend of Joelle’s. I had heard a lot about Sheri already and was thoroughly impressed! When I was driving home, I realized I saw her present, I think (!) at a National Speakers Association event in January of ’05. I have to check, but I think it was her!

Sheri said I reminded her of Rachael Ray. That was a nice compliment. (Much better than the one I received last weekend when a new acquaintance said I reminded her of Bette Midler. I totally didn't understand that. But I was extra chatty since I hadn't seen other humans in several days. So maybe that explains it?)

I had a key lime martini at Nighttown (yummy), the time really flew, and Joelle and I had a long chat about some projects we want to work on together. So it was really more of a brainstorming session (self-enhancement cruise!!), but I am always working in one way or another, so that makes sense for me!

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