Friday, March 02, 2007

Dan’s Man Bag

Tonight was clearly the most interesting Midtown Brews ever. The Great Lakes Geek Dan Hanson attended for the first, and possibly last, time. There was a guy that sounded exactly like Martin Short's Ed Grimley character, Jeff Friedman got stuck in the freight elevator, and something funny happened with a water bottle.

Dan’s greatest fear is being called a metrosexual. No worries, Dan, that will never, ever happen. But it sure was funny when I saw his man purse! He stated it is a “Jack Bauer Gear Bag” and showed me the pouches in which he would put cool gadgets, if he indeed had any.

Perhaps I should steal this idea and market the first official Counter-Terrorism Man Bag. Finally a good excuse for a man to carry a stylish bag - fighting terrorism!

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