Sunday, March 11, 2007

Tar-zhay Totally Gets It

I rarely go to Target. There just isn’t one close by. But there is one by my parents’ and I will stop in there once every couple of months.

I had some free time last night and was passing by, so I stopped in and just allowed myself to explore for a little while. Target has never been a destination store for me. If I need to buy something, I don’t go there. Instead, it is someplace I go to browse. They do what they do so well that no one can compete.

My top priority was to take a look at the much-hyped Proenza Schouler line. Its purpose is to let designer looks trickle down to the masses and Target has the right idea. The line definitely isn’t for me. One of my pet peeves is people knowing what designer I’m wearing and where I shop. That may seem strange, but it’s simply a statement of my individuality. This line is a really unusual case due to the extreme publicity it has received. The concern I have is this: anytime and anyplace you wear pieces from this collection, for the rest of eternity, people will know they were from the 2007 Proenza Schouler line at Target.

A lot of the collection reminded me of Kelly. I bet she would like a number of the pieces. She has a funky sensibility that I lack. I do funky in my own controlled and classic way. The SoHo designs (left) are definitely not me! I could do the other two (Couture Class, center, and Museum Mile, right) but the jackets are unusually boxy, and not flattering to a lot of women. When you see me, you will notice that I wear jackets with a definite shape, whether they have a nipped-in waist or a belt.

I really love the Isaac Mizrahi clothing and accessories line. I think it is right on the money, and I’m so glad it has been a longstanding success at Target. Every season, great stuff comes out for that line. I noticed that both O Magazine and InStyle showed a gorgeous Isaac Mizrahi for Target belted raincoat with cut-outs on the bottom. Beautiful, classic, and only $49.99!

The Mizrahi line also has fantastic shoes for $24.99. Love that!

Since I don’t do any clothing shopping there, I was imagining putting together a wardrobe for a client there if I needed to, and had no problem visualizing clothing selections from an interview outfit to business and weekend casual.

And Target is fabulous for accessories. I’ve purchased several of my unique necklaces and earrings there as well as some fun socks and interesting scarves and gloves for winter.

Hmmmmm…..since I sound like a total Target shill right now, I’m thinking they should pay me for this kind of propaganda!

If anyone ever thought I was a label snob or worse, I hope this puts that rumor to bed right now. I will buy anything anywhere and I’ve pretty much convinced myself to buy a piece or two from the Mizrahi collection next time I’m in Tar-zhay!

(They are building one 3 minutes from home at the moment, right on my route to the gym. That will mean serious trouble for me as soon as it opens!)

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