Thursday, August 24, 2006

Late August Boredom

Nothing is going on here at the end of August. I think I am getting close to dying of boredom. I have had no business of any important note to conduct for these last two weeks – probably because I intentionally kept things to the bare minimum! I’ve been able to catch up on some of my writing - although I have NOT worked on any of my books yet. The least important one - about SHOES will likely be the first one finished…hopefully by the year 2020.

I am tempted to escape to Vegas for a few days, but I know that the 100+ degree temperatures would kill me. Perhaps it’s better to just relax here where the weather has been unusually cool. I am not complaining – I’m enjoying it. But I am totally bored with the shopping here and Vegas has so much more great stuff to offer in that area. I would love to hit Last Call Neiman Marcus and the BCBG outlet at Primm – about a half-hour west of my old house in Henderson, NV – Primm is right on the CA border. Of course, after I moved, they also immediately put in a Nordstrom Rack two minutes from my former place. What luck.

I just need to find a cure for my boredom until September hits. Then I am off to the races. I seem to be double or triple-booked next month!!! Then I’ll be complaining that I’m too busy!!

Obviously, boredom does not agree with me.

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